Tengo – is a team of designers, technologists, builders and managers. We work as a general contractor for the implementation of projects of any size and complexity.
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Our team includes professional engineers and our own construction crews.
We take lead on project management from the outset till full implementation.
Our services also include materials supply, the manufacture of furniture and decorative trim elements.
We have our own warehouse for temporary storage of building materials.
We guarantee the contract value on the project and take all the risks
Project management
Each project is managed by a qualified manager who communicates with the client, contractors and government agencies.
Regular reporting
We hold regular meetings, provide weekly reports and, if necessary, provide access to software for project management.
Remote control
For projects with increased security requirements, we set up remote control using video surveillance along with Physical access control system.
Only responsible and qualified employees work in our construction teams. We have developed a system of corporate culture of production work and our own quality control system.
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